Rave Girls You See At Every Festival

Rave girls come in all forms! Well, maybe not all forms. Nine forms. Here they are ranked in order of nothing in particular.

The Girl Who’s Practically Naked

Two rave girls wearing tiny vinyl pasties over their nipples, small bikini bottoms, and nothing else.


Pasties and teeny tiny panties. If you put a band-aid on her later, you’d instantly double the amount of skin she’s got covered up.

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Holy shit, look out! You’re likely to get a black eye from any number of flailing limbs and swinging braids.

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl on the Last Day of the Festival

They chanted “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” for 48 hours straight but forgot to follow the first half of the mantra. Seen with: Friends holding their hair back while they dry-heave. Not seen with: A water source, food receipts.

The Vaguely Girl-Shaped Pile of Kandi

Contrary to popular belief, there IS a girl somewhere underneath that LEGO factory’s worth of plastic!

The Girl Who Spent Ten Hours At The Mirror

Fun Fact: A rave destroys makeup faster than Bassnectar destroys a crowd. Tear-streaks are practically guaranteed to be an unexpected addition to any super complicated makeup job by the end of the night.

The Walking Glitter Bomb

A girl with copious amounts of glitter covering her eyes and even her hair.


If you wore your favorite shirt to the rave, you need to seriously consider if you’ll like it more covered in glitter before you awkwardly grind on one of these rave girls.

The Girl That’s PLUR’D the F*** Out

You can stop looking for Molly, you found her. The human embodiment of her anyway.

The Girl Who Thought A Jacket Was Enough For A Winter Rave

A jacket and fuzzy boots only do so much when it’s snowing outside. Look for her at any New Year’s Eve rave huddled in the middle of the warmest, sweatiest mosh pit she can find. Ok, maybe you won’t find this rave girl at every festival.

The Rave Besties

No, they don’t act like this outside of the festival. Yes, they can see you staring.

Did I miss your favorite (or least favorite) type of rave girl? Is there some rare unicorn you’ve seen once and wish you could find (or pray you’ll never cross paths with) again? Put it all in the comments!

Rave Dancing Review: Dance Seduction Moves

What is Dance Seduction Moves?

Dance Seduction Moves is a dance instruction course from the legendary Chi Szeto, a.k.a. the King of Club Dancing. The course is aimed at club dancing, but rave dancing has a lot of overlap with that scene. It’s dark, the music is too loud to talk over, and it’s crowded as hell. The dance moves and techniques are well suited for four on the floor beats and genres like house, dubstep, trance, dark dub, techno, and others.

Who is Chi Szeto?

The instructor, Chi Szeto, is a world class dancer. He’s worked as a back-up dancer and professional dance instructor for years, even trained with members of the Jabbawockeez, and his expertise as both a dancer and an educator are on full display here. He’s confident, almost cocky in his abilities, and that’s just the sort of instructor you need to learn a skill that’s 50% technique and 50% attitude.

Chi is the only instructor, but he has a supporting crew to help him out. His energetic dance partners are accomplished dancers themselves, and do far more than serving as mere mannequins for Chi to gyrate against. They’re lively, skilled, and bring their own confidence and grace to complement Chi’s cool aplomb.

And then there’s Joe.

Let me introduce you to Joe.

It's Rave Dancing Joe, a tall lanky dude awkwardly dancing with his hands on the hips of an attractive Asian woman. Dance Seduction Moves.

Oh, I will.

Joe is the best goddamn part of this course. He’s awkward and kind of clumsy, but he always looks like he’s having a great time and takes feedback from Chi like a boss. In fact, that’s the whole reason he and the other assistant, Jaime, are in the course. They repeat the dance moves and techniques that Chi demonstrates several times, usually from different angles. They make common beginner mistakes so that Chi can correct them. They’re both great at their job, but Joe is obviously my favorite

It's rave dancing Joe again. Now he's doing this awkward little shuffle. The attractive Asian woman looks unimpressed. From Dance Seduction Moves.


There were many times when I was making the same mistakes as Joe while I followed along, so Chi pointing out the flaws in his form was incredibly useful to me! Watching the expert correct and critique a student is invaluable, something you’d normally only get with in-person instruction. It’s a feature I haven’t seen in other rave dancing (or club dancing) tutorials, so this gets big props from me. Joe is a living representation of us, the audience.

We are Joe.

Joe is Us.

Rave Dancing Joe is at it again. He's still shuffling around, but he's smiling and laughing so you know he's having a good time.From Dance Seduction Moves

Joe is love, Joe is life

What kind of content is in the course?


One of the lessons that gets emphasized more than others is confidence building. I said earlier that this course is half technique, half attitude, and I mean it. All the slick dance moves in the world aren’t going to get you anywhere if they’re executed with a timid demeanor. That holds true in a small club or at a rave dancing in a sea of 10,000 people.

That said, Chi covers this crucial aspect flawlessly. There are several segments of the three hour long videos dedicated completely to increasing your self confidence while dancing. Many of the lessons, such as the ones about improved posture, can be applied anywhere. The “nerve calming” techniques apply equally at a rave and when walking into a job interview. Seriously, Chi could have split this into two separate courses given all the self confidence advice threaded throughout these videos!

But even with all the content about self confidence, this is a dance tutorial first and foremost. The moves build on each other, with later lessons incorporating the basic moves in new and interesting ways. The main philosophy here seems to be “less is more”, with Chi opting to teach easy to learn dance moves that can be strung together however you choose rather than long complicated choreography. I really like this approach, because if you screw up a move, it’s easy to quickly switch to another dance move instead of trying to start a choreographed set of moves from the top. Chi even has a few cool tips on recovering from screw-ups so they become endearing, not embarrassing.

What about the “Seduction” part of Dance Seduction Moves?

Although there are is quite a bit of content in here dedicated to picking up women, this is far, far from being another “pick-up manual”. I was surprised to learn some techniques that Chi claims are rooted in psychology and physiology. In fact, many of the dance moves themselves are based on eliciting psychological and physiological responses from your partner. Wow, that sentence came out sounding really nerdy. It’s true though, I really do believe there was some scientific thought and observation that went into the creation of this humble club/rave dancing course.

Is the content well produced?

The production value is great in Dance Seduction Moves. This isn’t a guy on YouTube stumbling through moves alone in his living room. The value added by getting to see these dance moves and techniques demonstrated with a partner is huge!

The course comes in the form of three video files, an hour each, the “Secrets of Dance Floor Game” PDF written by Chi, plus two 45 minute interviews with dating gurus DJ Fuji and Josh Pellicer. They both give good advice on dating, especially about starting a relationship with someone you meet on the dance floor, so you can take it or leave it if you’re just here for rave dancing instructions.

How is the bonus content?

The bonuses are pretty great. An ebook written by Chi himself called “Secrets of Dancefloor Game”, plus two 40+ minute interviews with some top notch dating experts. The ebook is about what you’d expect, it’s a “game manual”, if you will. It’s not bad, but I’ve seen better. I appreciate that these techniques are in an a separate ebook so they don’t interfere with the dancing lessons as much.

My favorite of the two interviews is the one with DJ Fuji. He doles out some practical advice, like flirting with your body on the dance floor instead of with words since you have to shout to be heard at a rave anyway. He also brings up a really great reason for learning to dance:

Eventually, everyone will have to dace at some point.

At a friend’s wedding, your own wedding, an office party, and on and on. At some point, everyone will need to know how to dance. You may as well learn now and have fun with it!
Note: If you’re using these moves at your own wedding, it had better be with the bride ONLY ifyouknowwhatI’msayin’.

These bonuses add a lot of value, but not the $105 value estimated on the Dance Seduction Moves website. I’d say they’re worth maybe half or even a third of that, but hey, they’re free.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, and the money back guarantee is outstanding! A full 60 days to contact Chi and get a 100% refund with no questions asked is hard to beat. A return window that long proves that Chi is confident in his course, that there’s no doubt it will make you better a better dancer! I’ve had this course for a few weeks now, and I really doubt I’ll ask for a refund before the 60 days are up. EDIT: I kept the course 🙂

Click  here to start your rave dancing journey with Dance Seduction Moves!

Will this help me on my rave dancing journey?


  • Knowledgeable and experienced instructor.
  • Fun and engaging lessons.
  • The moves build on each other, so the basics always stay fresh in your mind.
  • Focused emphasis on simple, key dance moves and confidence building.
  • High Production Value, great partners and assisstants (well, great at showing off beginner mistakes!).
  • Dancing and confidence are first, “Pick-up” advice is secondary.
  • Valuable bonuses included.
  • Full refund with no questions asked for up to two whole months!


  • Appeals more to the club scene than rave dancing.
  • Chi sometimes goes off on random tangents.
  • Some of the more risque moves will definitely get you slapped if done wrong. Hell, you’ll get slapped if you do them right but try them too soon!
  • Doesn’t work as well for all genres of EDM.

Even though Dance Seduction Moves was originally for the club scene, anyone who’s trying to improve their rave dancing skills should give this course a look. It’s packed with content, focuses in on what’s important, breaks everything down into easy to learn pieces, and is all around a great course. Click here to get started now!

Dance Seduction Moves Earns Four and a Half
Above-Average Joes Out of Five!


Joe kisses his attractive Asian partner on the cheek. She looks nonplussed. They're encircled with a heart motif to symbolize their love. From the Dance Seduction Moves  Joe kisses his attractive Asian partner on the cheek. She looks nonplussed. They're encircled with a heart motif to symbolize their love. From the Dance Seduction Moves  Joe kisses his attractive Asian partner on the cheek. She looks nonplussed. They're encircled with a heart motif to symbolize their love. From the Dance Seduction Moves  Joe kisses his attractive Asian partner on the cheek. She looks nonplussed. They're encircled with a heart motif to symbolize their love. From the Dance Seduction Moves  Same as before, but cut in half vertically to show that Dance Seduction Moves doesn't quite earn all five Kissy Joes. Still From Dance Seduction Moves.

Know of another course, book, or video that can help people advance along their rave dancing journey? Drop a comment below!

Rave Dancing Journey Guy Fawkes Masks

Wobbleland Stole My Guy Fawkes Masks! (Other Than That It Was A Good Time)

So, Wobbleland was my first rave in the Bay Area. I was super impressed by the lineup, especially Rezz, who went from unknown to a must-see!

But something not so chill happened last night, my rave dancing fam. I had to let go of the first two Guy Fawkes masks I ever made.

Rave Dancing Journey Mask no 1     Rave Dancing Journey Mask no 1

Rave Dancing Journey Guy Fawkes Masks

RIP In Pieces, you magnificent bastards

No, they were not lost. They were taken.

Turns out masks weren’t allowed in to event, and I wasn’t about to take a Lyft to my house and back then wait in line again! My only option was to leave them with security at the front of the venue.

At 2am, two travesties happened. Snails was cut off at 2:00am without so much as a warning to wrap up his set, and my masks were nowhere to be seen. The security guards outside had changed shifts, and no one had even seen my anonymous rave dancing facades.  One of the guards caused a lot of trouble by selling GA wristbands under the table that night. Coincidence? Probably. But to me, if there’s someone in some far off rave dancing anonymously with an ill-gotten mask, I’ll take it as a complement on my handi-work.

Take it easy,



So I’m in need of a replacement, and I’m thinking of just buying a mask on Amazon since they’re cheap. Which one do you guys like better, option 1, or option 2? Vote now in the comments if you give a shit!

Rave Dancing Journey Possible Guy Fawkes Mask Option 1

Option 1

Rave Dancing Journey Possible Guy Fawkes Mask Option 1

Option 2

Hello, World!

Hey, this is Feezy. Welcome to my blog! I started this to keep track of the raves I go to, show off some of the EL wire projects I work on, and share the progress I make on my rave dancing journey. I mean, that’s the name of the blog, right? Rave dancing for me doesn’t get much more complicated than fist pumping and head banging, but I’m hoping to change that before EDC this year. I’ll post some reviews of rave dancing courses, books, and some free videos I find so you can improve your skills too.

Take care!