Rave Girls You See At Every Festival

Rave girls come in all forms! Well, maybe not all forms. Nine forms. Here they are ranked in order of nothing in particular.

The Girl Who’s Practically Naked

Two rave girls wearing tiny vinyl pasties over their nipples, small bikini bottoms, and nothing else.


Pasties and teeny tiny panties. If you put a band-aid on her later, you’d instantly double the amount of skin she’s got covered up.

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Holy shit, look out! You’re likely to get a black eye from any number of flailing limbs and swinging braids.

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl on the Last Day of the Festival

They chanted “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” for 48 hours straight but forgot to follow the first half of the mantra. Seen with: Friends holding their hair back while they dry-heave. Not seen with: A water source, food receipts.

The Vaguely Girl-Shaped Pile of Kandi

Contrary to popular belief, there IS a girl somewhere underneath that LEGO factory’s worth of plastic!

The Girl Who Spent Ten Hours At The Mirror

Fun Fact: A rave destroys makeup faster than Bassnectar destroys a crowd. Tear-streaks are practically guaranteed to be an unexpected addition to any super complicated makeup job by the end of the night.

The Walking Glitter Bomb

A girl with copious amounts of glitter covering her eyes and even her hair.


If you wore your favorite shirt to the rave, you need to seriously consider if you’ll like it more covered in glitter before you awkwardly grind on one of these rave girls.

The Girl That’s PLUR’D the F*** Out

You can stop looking for Molly, you found her. The human embodiment of her anyway.

The Girl Who Thought A Jacket Was Enough For A Winter Rave

A jacket and fuzzy boots only do so much when it’s snowing outside. Look for her at any New Year’s Eve rave huddled in the middle of the warmest, sweatiest mosh pit she can find. Ok, maybe you won’t find this rave girl at every festival.

The Rave Besties

No, they don’t act like this outside of the festival. Yes, they can see you staring.

Did I miss your favorite (or least favorite) type of rave girl? Is there some rare unicorn you’ve seen once and wish you could find (or pray you’ll never cross paths with) again? Put it all in the comments!

Rave Girls You See At Every Festival
Article Name
Rave Girls You See At Every Festival
We all love rave girls! Here are the nine types of girls you're most likely to see at every rave, festival, and concert, ranked in no particular order 🙂