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Rave Dancing Journey Guy Fawkes Masks

Wobbleland Stole My Guy Fawkes Masks! (Other Than That It Was A Good Time)

So, Wobbleland was my first rave in the Bay Area. I was super impressed by the lineup, especially Rezz, who went from unknown to a must-see!

But something not so chill happened last night, my rave dancing fam. I had to let go of the first two Guy Fawkes masks I ever made.

Rave Dancing Journey Mask no 1     Rave Dancing Journey Mask no 1

Rave Dancing Journey Guy Fawkes Masks

RIP In Pieces, you magnificent bastards

No, they were not lost. They were taken.

Turns out masks weren’t allowed in to event, and I wasn’t about to take a Lyft to my house and back then wait in line again! My only option was to leave them with security at the front of the venue.

At 2am, two travesties happened. Snails was cut off at 2:00am without so much as a warning to wrap up his set, and my masks were nowhere to be seen. The security guards outside had changed shifts, and no one had even seen my anonymous rave dancing facades.  One of the guards caused a lot of trouble by selling GA wristbands under the table that night. Coincidence? Probably. But to me, if there’s someone in some far off rave dancing anonymously with an ill-gotten mask, I’ll take it as a complement on my handi-work.

Take it easy,



So I’m in need of a replacement, and I’m thinking of just buying a mask on Amazon since they’re cheap. Which one do you guys like better, option 1, or option 2? Vote now in the comments if you give a shit!

Rave Dancing Journey Possible Guy Fawkes Mask Option 1

Option 1

Rave Dancing Journey Possible Guy Fawkes Mask Option 1

Option 2